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Going to school and becoming educated is more than simply memorizing and understanding math formulas or reading classic canon literature. Your child’s education should aid in transforming and shaping their character while providing them with the tools to become successful adults.

One way to ensure your child will achieve in life is through a bilingual-bicultural education. This recent and advanced education program will elevate your child’s learning and cognitive development and inspire unique opportunities for them in their adult lives.

What is a bilingual-bicultural education?

It is an education program that teaches in two languages and two cultures. For example, your child can learn English and French at school while also taking classes in those languages and learning about North American and European cultures.

Benefits of a Bilingual Education

There are many proven benefits to a bilingual education for children. When started early, your child will have better cognitive development, retain information better, and improve their memory.

Being bilingual also influences the structure and function of the brain to think differently, some would argue better, than those who are not bilingual.

Not only does a bilingual education positively impact your child’s development, but it will present desirable career opportunities both at home and abroad. Therefore, your child has opportunities worldwide they can pursue and achieve.

Adding a Bicultural Component

Studying two different languages isn’t always enough to get a full, well-rounded education. That’s where a bicultural component comes into play. In a bilingual-bicultural program, students are exposed to two different cultures.

This aspect of the program provides students with a better opportunity to become more well-rounded and aware of global situations as well as become more open-minded to different cultures and beliefs. These qualities and characteristics are essential for those who want to succeed in life and be empathetic and caring.

Why a Bilingual-Bicultural Education is Necessary Today

The traditional education system isn’t pushing our children further in the world; rather, it holds them back in some cases. As the world becomes more accessible and nations work together more closely to improve quality of life, a bilingual-bicultural education becomes necessary.

Children need to be exposed to new cultures, ideas, and languages. This exposure encourages them to make a positive impact on their own culture and society while growing unique opportunities both in their career paths and personal lives.

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