Evaluation & Assessment

Students are assigned a course grade, assessed using the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s provincial letter grades, and a school effort grade. The effort grade reflects the student’s overall effort, including their work habits and their contribution to the classroom.

Student report cards

Student report cards are available 3 times a year, one report card per term.

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3


Mid-term report cards are sent home to offer students and their parents/guardians insight into how a student is progressing mid-term. Mid-term reports are sent home.

Mid-Term 1


Mid-Term 2


Mid-Term 3


Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled in November and in March. Students and their parents/guardians are expected to review all mid-term and final term grades, as well as teacher comments and feedback. The school encourages all parents/guardians and students to attend parent-teacher conferences and meet with the teachers to discuss the student’s progress.