How to Apply

the AdmissionS Process at the ECB-CBS

Step 1

Schedule a Zoom with the School Founder, Dr. Hélène Leone

In our efforts to maintain the continuity of our new admissions and enrolment, remote meetings are being held via telephone and/or ZOOM video conferencing. Thank you for your understanding.

Step 2

School Visit

New families schedule a School Visit to meet with our admissions advisor, and to tour our facilities.

Following the school visit, new applicants are invited to attend a student observation day. 

Step 3

Student Observation Day

New families schedule a Student Observation Day, intended for all new applicants to gain insight into the daily student experience at the ECB-CBS.

The student observation day is available as a half-day, or a full school day.

Step 4

Apply for Admission

New families submit the required documents in our Application Package, including the 1000 € application fee.

There is no application deadline, as we accepts students throughout the academic school year.

Our student-teacher ratio is 20:1. We strongly suggest that new applications be submitted by early spring of the year prior to entry to avoid being placed on a wait list.

Step 5

Offer of Admission & Confirmation of Enrolment

Upon accepting the school’s Offer of Admission, new families must complete and submit the signed Enrolment Package.

The 20% confirmation of enrolment deposit must be submitted to secure a student’s place at the school. 

Document List

The following documents must be included with the Application Package for a student’s application to be processed.

Click on Download Application Package to download complete package. 

Application Fee 1000 €

An administrative fee to begin the application process. This fee is non-refundable.

Application Form

To be completed in full by the parent/guardian of the student.

A recent school photo

or a passport style photo.

Two complete years of school records

Report cards for the two most recent school years completed. Any school records in languages other than English or French must be officially translated.

Recommendation Form

This form provides important academic insight about the student. It must be completed and sent directly to the ECB-CBS by the previous school via post, fax or email. The school may release the confidential form to the parent/guardian provided that it is in a sealed envelope with the school stamp.

Medical Information

To be completed by the student’s parents/guardians.    Confirmation of a student’s medical insurance is also required.

student’s birth certificate

student’s passport

Parents’ PassportS And
Immigration Status

The Application for Admissions Package

The Application for Admissions Package contains 8 documents.

Click on Download Application Package to download complete package. 


Application Form


Academic programs


Performance & grading scale




School Uniforms


School Transportation


After school


Learning Support Services

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