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Dual language education is one that involves learning methods and teaching in two languages, providing numerous benefits. Dual language education programs can be any combination of two languages, in our case, French and English. More and more schools throughout all parts of the world are beginning to adopt dual language education programs.

Types of Dual Language Learning

Dual language programs of various configurations can be equally successful in teaching students a new language.

Dual language learning often comes in various approaches or types. One type of dual language education is referred to as immersion. This type of learning combines native speakers of both languages together in the classroom, for a real-life learning experience. Other types may involve a different configuration of native and non-native students in the program. 

Bilingual education programs also usually utilize either a 50/50 or 90/10 model. A 50/50 model uses both languages of instruction equally, which could be split 50% of the time in each class, by subject where one course is taught fully in the primary language while another subject is taught fully in the secondary language, or alternating the language of instruction by day or week. In a 90/10 model, students initially receive instruction about 90% of the time in the primary language and 10% in the secondary language, progressing toward a 50/50 model.

Benefits of Dual Language Learning 

  • Offers students the ability to learn to read, write, and fluently speak in two different languages
  • Enhances cultural learning and awareness
  • Improves open-mindedness 
  • Students are better equipped for bilingual jobs globally
  • Improved cognitive abilities and skills
  • Higher confidence and better self-esteem among students
  • Appreciation for diversity 
  • Offers a different educational experience than standard education

Interested in learning more about enrolling your child in a dual learning program? Click here to learn more about the next steps for a French and English immersion learning program. Your child can benefit from the many advantages of enrolling in a dual language learning program!

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