Our Bilingual Preschool Program


The bilingual preschool program is a two-year program, providing your child with a truly bilingual learning environment (50% in English – 50% in French). Language skills in both English and French are developed and nurtured in the classroom by two teachers, with one English-speaking teacher and one French-speaking teacher.

English and French become a part of their everyday life through age-appropriate activities, learning experiences, and structured and unstructured play that contribute to their physical, social, intellectual and emotional environment.

Students in our bilingual preschool program can easily transition to Kindergarten in our Bilingual Primary Program.

The British Columbia Early Learning Framework

The ECB-CBS Preschool Program for children ages 3 to 5 years old has adopted the British Colombia Early Learning Framework.

Early learning – from birth to age 8 – sets the foundation for lifelong learning offering a wide range of quality experiences that can help children become their best – physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally.

The Areas of Early Learning

The British Columbia Early Learning Framework outlines four (4) areas of Early Learning:

Well-being and Belonging

A sense of well-being and belonging is vital to children as they learn about and explore the world around them.

Exploration and Creativity

The capacity to explore and create is vital to nurturing the zest for life that is the basis of all learning.

Languages and Literacies

The development of languages and literacies among young children provides them with a strong basis for successful learning throughout their lifetime.

Social Responsibility and Diversity

Children’s learning experiences in the early years have long-term implications for their whole lives, and also for the future of their local, provincial, national and international communities, and the planet as a whole.

By providing children with rich experiences in these four areas, children can develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that are the foundation for lifelong learning in a complex and changing society.

The British Columbia Early Learning Framework recognizes that, while all children should have equal access to rich early learning experiences, no two children are the same. Each brings a wealth of individual, social, cultural, linguistic, and ethnic characteristics to their learning. These differences enrich their own early learning and that of other children.

student learning canadian bilingual school of paris
Canadian Bilingual School - Ecole Canadienne Bilingue - Students - Élèves
Canadian Bilingual School - Ecole Canadienne Bilingue - Students - Élèves

Our Curriculum Learning Goals

To promote a sense of well-being and belonging, our school provides an environment where your child can:

Feel safe and respected

Learn ways to keep
themselves healthy

Enjoy being and choose to be physically active

Understand and follow routines

Feel a sense of security,
self-respect, and self regulation

Express a sense of
personal well-being

Recognize, accept and express a wide range of emotions, thoughts and ideas

Adapt and enjoy experiences of change, surprise and uncertainty

Feel valued and explore their own strategies for learning

Build healthy relationships with both adults and children

To promote exploration and creativity, our school provides an environment where your child can:

Explore the world using their bodies and all of their senses

Build, create and design using different materials and techniques

Actively explore, think and reason

Identify and try possible solutions to problems in meaningful contexts and situations

Be creative and expressive in a variety of ways

Develop a sense of wonder for natural environments

Express a zest for living and learning

To promote the development of languages and literacies, our school provides an environment where your child can:

Communicate thoughts and experiences creatively using many different forms of expression

Develop diverse language abilities and the capacity to communicate with others in many ways

Be curious about vocabulary, concepts, and written language

Engage in sound and word play

Use numbers, measurement, and form in meaningful contexts

Experience the stories and symbols of their own and other cultures

Express their own points of view and reflect on others’ views

To promote social responsibility and respect for diversity, Our school provides an environment where your child can:

Explore and learn about family, community and the wider world

Express a positive regard for others and respect for self, others, and property

Participate in the making, following, and re-working of rules, rituals, and procedures in their everyday world

Understand fairness both for themselves and others

Begin to recognize discrimination and inequity and to respond appropriately

Learn to appreciate and celebrate diversity

Understand that all persons have value

Accept and welcome individual differences

Understand how their own actions may affect nature and the planet

Show responsibility for themselves and begin to show responsibility for others