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Tips to Find the Right Bilingual School in Paris for Your Child

Choosing the right bilingual school in Paris is an important process and decision that could determine your child’s success. Every bilingual school is different. Whether it be the method of the dual language education, the curriculum, or the student life, it’s important to find the right fit for your child and your family. 

You may have a list containing a few different bilingual schools in Paris that have caught your interest. Before enrolling your child in one of them, consider the following:

Visit the School

Before deciding which bilingual school in Paris is right for your child, it’s crucial to visit the school in person. 

Schedule a tour to see the facilities and classrooms to ensure they are up to par with your expectations. You can also meet with the teachers one-on-one and ask any questions you may have during this time. 

Visiting the bilingual school allows you and your child to experience the atmosphere and see if it’s the right fit and if the location is comfortable to commute to each day. 

Examine the Curriculum

While learning a second language is an important part of a bilingual school, the core academic classes are just as important for your child. Therefore, you should examine the curriculum and ensure it meets your standards and is well-rounded. 

You must also consider if the school only teaches up to a certain education grade level, too. Think about whether you are willing to search for another bilingual language school in Paris once your child reaches a certain age or if you prefer your child to stay in the same school until graduation. 

Student Life

Extracurricular activities and student life are essential parts of a premier bilingual school. While the education and classes are important, the happiness and overall well being of the student is another core feature of a well-rounded educational experience. 

These activities allow your child to explore their interests even further and expand their language practice and education at the bilingual school.

Admission Fees and Scholarships

Lastly, before deciding on the right bilingual school in Paris, it’s important to consider the admission fees to enroll your child each year. Some schools may also offer scholarships, which could influence your decision even more. 

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