Re-enrolment Form

Step 5: Consent

Please read carefully.

By ticking all the boxes below, you have read, understood and accepted all the information below.

BC Ministry of Education Consent Form

Photo and Video Release Form

I hereby grant to the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris (the School) the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute and create derivative
works of the photographed or filmed images of my child for use in connection with the activities of the School or for promoting, publicizing or explaining the School or its activities.

This grant includes, without limitation, the right to publish such images to the School websites, in School publications and in PR/promotional materials, such as marketing and advertising. These images may appear in the future, including – but not limited to – print, broadcast, video, CD-ROM and electronic/online media.

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Off-Campus Activity Consent Form

Throughout the school year, the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris coordinates a wide range of off-campus activities for the students. The school recognizes the value of these activities for the educational, artistic, athletic and experiential benefits they provide to the students. There is also an understanding that the safety of all who participate is of primary concern to the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris.

The Off-Campus Activity Consent Form applies to all off-campus activities during regular school hours. Transportation to the locations will be arranged using one or more means of travel:

  • Walking
  • Public Transportation
  • A chartered school bus driven by a school bus driver
  • Private vehicles driven by teachers/staff, school parents and/or volunteers

Please note that a current driving record by the motor vehicle branch will be required prior to the school permitting a student to travel in a private vehicle.

For school activities outside of the central Paris region or for overnight trips, the school will provide the parent/guardian with further detailed information. Additional acknowledgement of risk and consent will be required.

I hereby acknowledge the risk and consent to the student participating in the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris off-campus activities as defined above. I recognize and understand the inherent risks associated with off-campus activities, including but not limited to the hazards of vehicle travel, accident and illness, weather and other circumstances beyond the control of the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris teachers and staff.
I authorize the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris to consent to medical treatment for the student as may be necessary in the event of a serious accident or medical

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Permission to Leave School Property Unaccompanied

Students in Grades 9 to 12

I hereby give my permission for my son / daughter to leave the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris campus without supervision at lunch time. I understand and have discussed with my son / daughter that he / she is a representative of the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris and he / she agrees to represent the school in a positive manner both on and off campus.

I release the faculty and staff of the Canadian Bilingual School from any responsibility for the safety or well-being of my son / daughter while he / she is away from the campus at lunch time.

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