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As it becomes easier to connect with people from all over the world through social media, quick and seamless video calls, and more affordable travel options, it’s important to consider offering your child a bilingual education.

You can set your child up for success when you enroll them in a school that offers a bilingual education to learn a second or even a third language. There are many physiological and personal benefits to being bilingual that will push your child forward for a life of achievement and health.

Increased Cognitive Function

When we learn a second language, we exercise underused parts of our brain—this changes how our brain functions.

When children start learning a second language, they will experience increased cognitive function. They will learn better, become stronger decision-makers, and have a more profound ability to focus than those who only know one language.

Some reports and studies prove knowing a second language can resist dementia longer as well.

Improved Academic Performance

When your child receives a bilingual education, they will likely perform better academically than monolingual children. Studies show that bilingual children excel in math, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, three crucial skills to be successful in the world today.

Broaden Their Experiences

Not only does being bilingual help cognitive performance and brain health, but it also gives your child the opportunity to experience different cultures and become more open-minded and worldly.

When you know more than one language, you can consume more books, movies, news and connect with people outside your home country. These experiences allow your child to learn and grow with two different cultures and accept ideas and values that may differ from their own.

Better Opportunities as an Adult

There is nothing more you want for your child than to watch them succeed, find a fulfilling career, and make a life for themselves as an adult. Receiving a bilingual education can help to increase their opportunities in their adult life to push them on this desired path.

From being accepted to higher-performing universities to landing a high-paying job that requires bilingualism to exploring the world and deciding to chase after opportunities abroad, a bilingual education opens so many more doors for your child.

Your Child Can Speak Two Languages Starting Today

Are you interested in giving your child the tools they need to succeed? Then consider enrolling your child in the Canadian Bilingual School of Paris.

Our students learn two of the most widely spoken languages, English and French, while receiving an optimal education from our professional and valued teachers.

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