Preschool - 3 to 5 years - 11 725 €

Primary School - Kindergarten to Grade 5 - 15 400 €

Middle School - Grades 6 to 9 - 16 975 €

Secondary School - Grades 10 to 12 - 18 550 €


Application Fee - per new student - 1 000 €

Re-enrolment Fee - per student - 500 €

Capital Assessment - one-time fee per new family - 4 500 €

Activity Fee - per student - 1 300 €



School Bus Transportation - optional - per student - 5 520 €

After-school Program - optional - per student - 2 268 €

School Uniform - paid directly to supplier



The ECB-CBS will accept payments in Euros via wire transfer or direct withdrawal from a French bank account.


A 10% registration deposit is payable upon accepting the Offer of Admissions. It is required to confirm a student’s enrolment. Tuition and fees can be paid by wire transfer or by direct withdrawal from a French bank account. Method of payment must be confirmed by July 1st the year prior of entry.


For more information regarding payment due dates, please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@ecb-cbs.ca. 

Application Fee

Please select the number of children applying to ECB-CBS for the school year.

Important Dates

Application deadline

There is no application deadline, the ECB-CBS accepts students throughout the academic School year. However, we strongly suggest that applications be completed by February of the year prior to entry to avoid being placed on a wait list. 




Entrance Scholarships and

Financial Aid

The ECB-CBS is pleased to offer entrance scholarships and financial aid for students wishing to attend the School.

At the ECB-CBS, we know that there are many deserving students whose family may not have the financial means to attend the School. To this end, the ECB-CBS is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities and financial aid for students and their families.

Entrance scholarships recognize students who have demonstrated academic and leadership achievements in the arts, community, athletics and school. Students who wish to be considered for an entrance scholarship are asked to complete the ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Families applying for financial aid are asked to complete the BURSARY APPLICATION FORM