All applicants are requested to submit their Application Form, and required documents.fleche

To apply for admissions to the ECB-CBS, the following documents must be completed in FULL for a student’s application to be processed.

  • Application Fee 1000 € An administrative fee to begin the application process, non-refundable. 
  • Application Form To be completed in FULL by the parent/guardian of the student.
  • A recent school photo or a passport style photo.
  • Two complete years of school records Report cards for the two most recent school years completed. Any school records in languages other than English or French must be officially translated.
  • Copy of student’s birth certificate 
  • Confidential School Recommendation Form This form provides important academic insight about the student. It must be completed and sent directly to the ECB-CBS by the previous school via post, fax or email. The school may release the confidential form to the parent/guardian provided that it is in a sealed envelope with the school stamp.
  • Medical Information To be completed by the student’s parents/guardians. Confirmation of student’s medical insurance.
  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Parents’ Immigration Status